Land Strategies is a real estate consulting firm that I founded in 1997 just as I was beginning a Ph.D. program in environmental design and planning at Arizona State University. In the ensuing 15 years, I directed the design, permitting and construction of a series of large scale, complex mixed-use projects in Phoenix, participated in several high profile design competitions in New York City, and served as a professor and administrator in a real estate graduate program at New York University. Over the years, I have worked with both private, public and non-profit clients on a wide variety of project types (e.g., affordable housing, sports facilities, high rise office buildings, master planned business parks).

This website provides information about my projects and my teaching and gives me a forum to share thoughts about the nature of property, how and why development takes place the way it does in the United States, and how we might improve upon both the process and outcome.

Michael Rushman


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On a personal note

As you may have noticed, I took the summer off from my blogging though I will be resuming my occasional posts after Labor Day. I have been working on an exciting new project which I hope to be able to share details of in the coming months. I have also been preparing to return this fall to teaching at New York University’s Schack Institute for Real Estate. I will once again be offering the capstone course in the development concentration.

In addition, it’s been a summer of moves for our family. Our oldest daughter, Ellen, received her master’s degree from the University of Nebraska in quilt studies. She has moved to the Cleveland area and is the sales and marketing manager for Original Sewing and Quilt Expo which holds shows across the country each year. Our younger daughter, Annie, recently relocated from Boston to Baltimore where she is beginning a master’s program in public health policy at Johns Hopkins. Our youngest, Nick, just returned from a summer of traveling across the length and breadth of the United States helping manage Kick It 3V3′s soccer tournaments. This weekend he will be returning to Skidmore College for his senior year.

We ended our summer with the entire family gathered last weekend in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to celebrate Sally’s mother’s 90th birthday party. Marian is a remarkable woman who lives in the same house she raised her family in and is an active member of her community. It was inspiring to meet so many of her lifelong friends and neighbors during the birthday festivities.

Nick, Ellen and Annie in Hershey, PA



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