cbd101 was planned to create a unique, urban workplace setting. At full build-out more than 10,000 will work at cbd101 and enjoy the eclectic mix of shopping, entertainment, housing and an agricultural oasis as well as much shorter commutes.

  • 76 acres
  • 2.6 million SF of office space
    • two 200’ towers and a 400’  tower incorporating office, hotel and residential uses
    • floorplates ranging from 25,000 SF to 200,000 SF
    • a half mile of frontage along the 101 freeway
  • 250,000 SF of retail space
  • 3 hotels
  • 850 residential units
    • townhomes
    • midrise apartments and condominiums
    • highrise branded residential units
    • professional live-work units
    • artisan studio-lofts
  • 15,000 parking spaces
  • an entry plaza and a market plaza
  • 9-acre organic farm with
    • 2+ acres of organic garden plots
    • 5+ acres of date palm court, pecan grove and stone fruit orchards
    • year round, climate controlled public market and seasonal, open-air farmers’ market
    • variety of restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • tot lot and dog park
    • over a mile of trails and paths

cbd101 was designed to minimize the project’s impact on both the natural and social environment. The project’s energy strategy will encompass both broad-based conservation efforts as well as on-site generation of renewable energy using the sun and wind. Its water strategy will similarly promote conservation while also reusing both graywater and rainwater for irrigation and chillers. The farm will be a model of sustainable agricultural practices that can be replicated by farmers throughout the region. By integrating these positive ecological solutions, cbd101 will soon be the region’s most environmentally responsible development.

With an eclectic mix of distinctly different uses, cbd101 will insure daytime and evening activity seven days a week. Areas of interest include a small house theater focusing on classic and independent films; a year round public market and seasonal farmers’ market, and a plaza that can host art shows and musical performers. Throughout, particular care will be taken in the design and programming of the lower floors of all buildings to ensure an interesting and ever changing experience for pedestrians at cbd101.

cbd101 will provide the density and diversity of uses and people that are hallmarks of urban areas. Office and retail spaces will be offered in a wide variety of configurations and at different price points. This will make it possible for both smaller, locally owned and operated businesses and large national and international enterprises to locate at cbd101. A range of housing types will meet the needs of families, empty nesters, artisans, and professionals who work from home — and do so for those at a wide range ofincome levels. Townhomes, live-work units, mid-rise apartments and high-rise condominiums will make up the residential district. This urban neighborhood will provide those living in it with nearby offices, restaurants, ethnic and specialty grocery stores and nine acres dedicated to an organic farm. An easy walk between home and work or work and shopping facilitates communication and the emergence of a true community.

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