In addition to my dissertation, the abstract of which you can find on the following page, here is a list of my publications.

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Rushman, M. J. “Who Owns America? Social Conflicts Over Property Rights” (book review). Landscape and Urban Planning 44 (1999): 233-4.

Rushman, M. J. “Making Governments Plan: State Experiments in Managing Land Use” (book review). Landscape and Urban Planning 43 (1998): 160-1.

Rushman, Michael J. “More Thoughts on Urban Growth Boundaries.” Arizona Planning (April 1998): 6-7.

Rushman, Michael. “Growth Management in Vermont: Still Trying to Balance Planning and Regulation.” Creating Sustainable Places Symposium. Tempe, AZ: Herberger Center for Design Excellence, 1998.

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Rushman, Michael J. “Creation of the Adirondack Park, Part II.” York State Tradition 28:1 (Winter 1974): 45-50.

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